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Dee Day

Diana' Dee' Day lived with her mother Holly and younger sister May in the old lodge at the entrance to Hilda Ffinch's rather grand estate where she tapped away religiously on her trusty typewriter from dawn to dusk each day transcribing Ms Ffinch's somewhat dubious memoirs.   A terribly sensible girl, May was aware that Hilda had almost certainly never ridden up K4 on the back of an arthritic yak with the Duke of York, but went along with the charade as Hilda Ffinch was a generous employer and - after all - a rent-free dwelling with three fireplaces, an ice house and a painted boudoir was not to be sniffed at.

As soon as War was declared, Dee volunteered to become an ARP warden (having promised Hilda Ffinch that she'd be sure to finish typing the sentence she was on and lock the infamous memoirs away in the safe before sallying forth to save the day) and took her duties very seriously indeed...

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